AIE Research Project Progression (part 3) Discoveries


During my research for this project. I came to some discoveries of the benfits and flaws of the system. Here are a list of the main points included.


Benefits of use




  • Larger games can be created without each individual level being only used ones. Different pre-sets can be used an infinite amount of times and still feel relatively unique.

  • Speeds up development process, making indie games a lot quicker to design and implement.

  • Bounds can be infinite (such as minecraft). Meaning that there can be endless exploration.

  • If used minimally, the replay value of games will have a slightly different feel to them, as opposed to playing the exact same game.




Problems of use




  • If designed poorly, the game can feel dull and will never have any real enjoyment.

  • Issues can occur where there are situations that are impossible for a player to complete. A lot of debugging is needed to avoid these types of situations.

  • The enjoyment experience of a hand designed level is almost impossible to re-create dynamically.

  • Modifying algorithms at later dates for small problems, can cause bigger problems due to how precise the algorithms need to be to maintain consistency in the main gameplay.


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AIE Research Project Progression (part 2)

Second video in the production of my research assignment. This video shows the shooting mechanic that has been added. The bullets will head in the direction of the mouse when you left click it. In the final game there will be enemies that move towards you and shooting them will make them die and drop coins.

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AIE Research Project Progression (part 1)

First video in the production of my research assignment. This project is the construction of a randomly generated dungeon crawler game. Using preset levels and randomly choosing different ones with different difficulty levels whilst progressing through the game. This video shows the main mechanic of the project, which is the game randomly selecting level chunks whilst traversing the map.

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Alpha Build Video

depth screenshot
For our final year projects, we were required to submit an alpha build of our game. Since this is the most complete version of our game so far, I thought I would share it. Here it is.

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Acid Trip Prototype

So recently at my University, we have been doing rapid prototyping sessions in different groups. Last week we had 6 of us (3 artists and 3 programmers) working on a game of our own theme choice. We made a game called “Acid Trip” which you can watch Gameplay Here: Video or download the whole game here: Game LinkImage

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96 Dream Escape

A quick demo of the latest game made during my course. This game was made with Ronald Chau as well as myself and consists of a boy lost in a dream trying to find a way out. Enjoy.

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Euphoria “Game Jam” Game


You play a small unspecified four legged creature, running through a world which is altered by collectable watermelons, strawberries and bananas. The aim is to collect as much fruit as you can to get a high score and avoid the fireballs, shurikens and darts in order to stay alive. Each fruit alters the game visually in order to represent the different stages of drug abuse,  euphoria, paranoia and despair. The underlying meaning of the game is the futility of addiction.

Created By:   Slendi  –   Jackson Smith, Tristan Barends, Lauren Clegg, David Saez, Adrian Howden and Daisy Kershaw

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Pacman AI


Another first year project of mine. This assessment involved identifying, studying and replicating an AI found in any game. I chose Pacman and did a similar yet different style of AI using the 4 ghosts in Pacman. Click the image above to download.

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Chips Challenge Remake


During my first year of Studying Games Programming, one of my assignments was to make a Retro game Remake of any game we liked. I chose a classic game from the early Windows days called “Chips challenge”. Click the image above to go to the download page.

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My youtube channel

Follow all my game related endeavours. please like/comment and subscribe to my work.

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