AIE Research Project Progression (part 3) Discoveries


During my research for this project. I came to some discoveries of the benfits and flaws of the system. Here are a list of the main points included.


Benefits of use




  • Larger games can be created without each individual level being only used ones. Different pre-sets can be used an infinite amount of times and still feel relatively unique.

  • Speeds up development process, making indie games a lot quicker to design and implement.

  • Bounds can be infinite (such as minecraft). Meaning that there can be endless exploration.

  • If used minimally, the replay value of games will have a slightly different feel to them, as opposed to playing the exact same game.




Problems of use




  • If designed poorly, the game can feel dull and will never have any real enjoyment.

  • Issues can occur where there are situations that are impossible for a player to complete. A lot of debugging is needed to avoid these types of situations.

  • The enjoyment experience of a hand designed level is almost impossible to re-create dynamically.

  • Modifying algorithms at later dates for small problems, can cause bigger problems due to how precise the algorithms need to be to maintain consistency in the main gameplay.


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